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Information on N-Numbers

How to Properly Form an N-Number:
N-Numbers consist of a series of alphanumeric characters. U.S. registration numbers may not exceed five characters in addition to the standard U.S. registration prefix letter N. These characters may be:

  • one to five numbers (N12345)
  • one to four numbers and one suffix letter (N1234Z)
  • one to three numbers and two suffix letters (N123AZ)

To avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero, the letters I and O may not be used.

Other Requirements

  • An N-Number may not begin with zero. You must precede the first zero in an N-Number with any number 1 through 9. For example, N01Z is not valid.
  • Registration numbers N1 through N99 are strictly reserved for FAA internal use.
  • The FAA no longer issues numbers beginning with NC, NX, NR, or NL. On some older aircraft, these numbers may be displayed in accordance with FAR Part 45.22.

Special Registration Numbers
Special registration numbers are reserved for one year unless assigned to a specific aircraft. Upon reservation, we will mail a notice to the requester. Prior to the expiration date, you should send a written request for renewal along with a $10 fee to the Aircraft Registration Branch.

When requesting an assignment of a special registration number to an aircraft, you must include a complete description of the aircraft including:

  • name of manufacturer
  • model designation
  • serial number
  • current U.S. registration number (if appropriate)

Upon approval, we will mail an Assignment of Special Registration Number, AC Form 8050-64 to you in triplicate permitting the placement of the special registration number on the aircraft. Within five days after you place the new identification number on the aircraft, you must complete, sign in ink, and return the AC Form 8050-64, showing the date you placed the new registration number on the aircraft.

You must carry a copy of the AC Form 8050-64 and a current Certificate of Aircraft Registration, AC Form 8050-3, as a temporary authority to operate the aircraft. You must do this until you receive the new Certificate of Aircraft Registration showing the new N-Number.

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